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Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.


Welcome to our New Website -- Including a New 405 Complaint Crowdsourcing Tool

David Murphy

Here at Angelenos Against Gridlock, we're excited to launch our new website, rebuilt from the ground up. Thanks for checking it out -- and be sure not to miss an important new feature, our new crowdsourcing tool to let you submit and vote on the top ideas and complaints regarding the 405 Project

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Together, we can transform Los Angeles, with a world-class transportation system we all deserve.

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David Murphy

President, Angelenos Against Gridlock


PS: More information about our new crowdsourcing site, is in our press release, embedded below.



Media Contact: David C. Murphy, President, Angelenos Against Gridlock ( / Twitter: @EndingGridlock)




LOS ANGELES, CA – Angelenos Against Gridlock has launched a new crowdsourcing site to aggregate the most important complaints and ideas regarding the much-delayed I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project. The site will give the 300,000+ daily drivers on the 405 and the thousands of nearby residents a tool to unify their voices over shared concerns, so that the most pressing issues can be prioritized. The crowdsourcing site is accessible as part of a complete redesign of Angelenos Against Gridlock's website, at, launching today.

This crowdsourcing tool is built using software from UserEcho (, whose feedback submission tools let users submit, comment, and vote on ideas, so that the most important issues rise to the top. 

The site is designed to amplify the most critical ideas and issues to ease construction impacts on commuters and residents, improve mobility, and to speed completion of the much-delayed billion dollar 405 megaproject originally due to have been completed this past May.  Overall in its entirety, the 405 is ranked by the Federal Highway Administration as the busiest freeway in the nation.

"The 405 project impacts an extraordinary number of people everyday, and we wanted to empower frustrated Angelenos to make their collective voices heard, so that the most important concerns and ideas shared by the most people become clear" said David C. Murphy, President of Angelenos Against Gridlock. "Everyone loves to hate the 405, and today, Angelenos have a new tool to channel their frustrations into action." 

"Why not apply Silicon Valley-style technology to make the 405 project more bearable? Popular general interest sites like Reddit let users vote topics up or down so the most compelling posts become clear -- now, our new site applies similar voting technology to empower legions of frustrated Angelenos to join their voices to improve their daily quality of life," Murphy said. 

How to Submit and Vote on Ideas: 

1. Go to and click on the 405 logo (or use the menu at the top (under Faster 405 Campaign)) to go to our crowdsourcing site. It's both web and mobile friendly (but please don't visit it while driving--we want you alive!).

2. Submit ideas one at a time. (Detailed instructions: write a brief subject in the initial text submission box, prompting an automatic search for duplicates; then, click the blue Post button that appears. The next screen lets you post full details with a longer description and optionally upload photos or videos; click Post when done--that's it!)

3. To vote on ideas other people submit, click "Latest Updates," then hover over a submission's current vote count (to the left of each topic) and click the up or down arrows that appear, to vote up (agree) or down (disagree).

Other Ways to Submit Ideas: Submitting directly to our crowdsourcing site as detailed above is the best way to make sure other Angelenos can vote on your ideas (and it's mobile friendly, too!). But if you have trouble or prefer, ideas/complaints can also be submitted on our Facebook page (using the embedded UserEcho tab or by simply posting to our wall), posted to our Google+ page, tweeted to us, emailed to, or submitted via voicemail to 424.262.0405.)

Note -- be sure to continue to submit ideas directly to Metro, too: don't just submit urgent issues to our site; continue to send complaints and ideas directly to Metro (see their Contact Us tab for their emails and hotline--we're not affiliated with Metro). Our site is not the way to get urgent issues fixed -- rather, by also posting ideas on our crowdsourcing tool, your ideas become public so that other people can amplify your voice with their votes and comments, so the most important topics rise to the top. We'll invite Metro's 405 Project staff to follow what the top voted priorities are, to inform their actions.)

The Power of Crowdsourcing Ideas

The power of amplifying each others' voices is illustrated by a recent example from the offline world. At a Metro 405 Community Meeting, Angelenos Against Gridlock staff called for high-visibility electronic messaging signs to be placed along the 405 warning motorists of upcoming exit closures, and the idea was repeated by numerous other residents speaking after us at the forum, and by a Los Angeles Times Opinion LA blog post the next day, leading to successful implementation of the idea by the 405 Project team. "With our 405 crowdsourcing site, we're empowering all Angelenos to amplify each others' voices, so that the best ideas to "rise to the top" and to garner the attention of 405 Project officials," Murphy said.

This crowdsourcing effort is made possible by Elon Musk's generous support of Angelenos Against Gridlock.

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